Staff and Advisory

Suzanne Kernek - Volunteer Coordinator

Suzanne has been managing volunteer groups in animal welfare agencies for 12 years. Before making her way to Center valley Animal Rescue, Suzanne held the position of Director of Behavior and Training and Animal Care at the Sonoma Humane Society, Santa Rosa CA and was a member of the behavior team at the Marin Humane Society, Novato CA. Suzanne is passionate about educating people and developing programs that improve the lives of animals. She is an enthusiastic outgoing person who enjoys interacting and working with the public. In addition to helping build a solid volunteer program at CVAR, Suzanne is dedicated to improving the “quality of life” for all animals in shelter and rescue environments and reducing the number of unwanted animals through education an enrichment. Suzanne is a certified professional dog trainer. Teaching a wide array of dog training classes. She specializes in behavioral issues, puppy rearing, and elder canine enrichment and health. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and anything outdoors. In her spare time she attends behavior and training seminars. Suzanne has lived with a multitude of animals throughout her entire life. She currently lives with four dogs (Arrow, AJ, Tundra, and Rio) and 2 horses (Zorro and Alex).

Andrea Nelson - Operations Assistant

Andrea is an avid outdoorsman and animal lover. Her diverse background and skill sets help CVAR run more smoothly. She brings a background of non-for-profit marketing, pharmacy, wilderness medicine, tour giving, and land management. She is eager to learn the nitty gritty of what it takes to run an animals rescue and brings a lot of enthusiasm. When not at work, she is often in the mountains hiking or at the beach swimming with her dog Shade.

Advisory Panel

Dr. Joel Cuthbert, John Mackey, Dr. Robert Nathan, Marty Penhallegon