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From midnight bottle-feeding of abandoned kittens to round-the-clock medical attention for almost fatally neglected goats, our goal is the same: to provide essential and sometimes life saving care for the animals in our charge. All animals at Center Valley Animal Rescue receive veterinary checks, are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any health problems. While most animals require little rehabilitation to become adoptable, some animals arrive with significant health problems. We provide these special needs animals with life-long medical care and permanent sanctuary.

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Every year, more than 3 million adoptable cats and dogs are put to sleep. With so many animal shelters past capacity, and so many pet owners neglecting to spay/neuter their animals, the situation can feel bleak. But you can make a difference! Adoption is a fantastic alternative to purchasing or breeding a pet. Not only does it open needed space at shelters, but it also provides them with income to continue and improve the important services they offer. With a little research, pets of all varieties can be found---animals just waiting for permanent, loving homes. It is an amazing feeling to invite a companion animal into our life; even more so to know that, in the process, you may have saved theirs.

Please take a moment to look through these adoption pages. We have numerous companion animals up for adoption. Adoption fees (refer to adoption questionaire) include FIV/FELV test, immunization, spay/neuter, medical care, worming, flea treatments and goats are viral tested. Cats and dogs are microchipped.

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