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The Ranch

The Ranch

Center Valley Animal Rescue is located in the quaint town of Quilcene in East Jefferson County on the Olympic Peninsula. The Ranch is on 32 acres and has been under development for the past 6 years in order to facilitate the myriad of animals and the various local demands for animal welfare.

The Ranch has made great strides in providing its residents with safe and loving sanctuary; the horses at Center Valley Animal Rescue are now happily grazing in their large pastures; the total area available for them to graze has nearly doubled thanks to new fencing. Volunteers from Pace Engineering are currently building a 6 stall barn thanks to several donors sponsoring individual stalls. The chickens, geese and bunnies are enjoying their expanded and roofed enclosures. The Ranch is now outfitted with four different types of cat rooms serving the various health issues and personalities of our nearly 35 feline residents. New outdoor cat runs are under construction so all the feline residents can choose between their secure warm indoor faciliity or the joy of basking outside in the morning sun. Indoors, the reception area is being prepared to greet guests and offer group tours. A lovely hot house for indoor reptiles and birds has been outfitted with a number of new reptitle enclosures for our many residents.

Overall, a lot of progress has been made and with continued support from community members, the Ranch's potential is only as limited as our collective vision and commitment.

Front Entrance
Lilly the greeter
Parking area
Front Entrance
Lilly the Greeter
Parking Area

Phase 1 of new barn 2007
Barn 2008
Barn 2009
Phase 1 of new barn 2007
Phase 2 of new barn 2008
"Timmy's Barn" complete 2009

Barn interior
Barn stalls
Interior of "Timmy's Barn" 2009
Donated winter stalls 2009
Expanded pastures for rescues 2009

Living High
Beautifully Designed Cat Room
FIV Quarters
Feline residents living high
Specially designed cat room
FIV separate cat quarters 2009

Outdoor cat area
Outdoor Cat Run
Heated Reptile Room
Outdoor lounge area 2009
Outdoor cat runs 2008
Special heated reptile room

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