Staff and Advisory

Dinah DiNova
Volunteer and Fundraising Coordinator

Dinah grew up on a small ranch in a Grande Canyon, in the hills of Piru California. Formative years spent roaming the mountains on horseback, with her siblings and a gaggle of rescue dogs, instilled her with a deep sense of kinship for the natural world that is still at the core of everything she does. Her first job was working the kennels for her families animal training business, Studio Animals Services, and occasionally assisting on set - where she once had the privilege of falling at the heels of the one and only Dolly Parton. She spent several years working at the Yosemite Stables, leading horse and mule rides through the High Sierras and educating folks from all over the world about stewardship of our wild places.
Moving to the Olympic Peninsula in 2012, she married her wife at the Paradise Theatre School in Chimicum Valley. They blissfully reside in a little cabin in the woods with their three rescue dogs and a bountiful medicinal plant garden.

Alexx Burch
Animal Care Assistant

Alexx grew up in Cowlitz County WA and Westport OR, but was drawn to Quilcene in fall of 2019. He fostered a love for animals & the environment from a young age, and always dreamed of working with them. He spent half his childhood on a small farm, and some of his favorite memories involve catching frogs, rehabilitating an injured snake, and being there for the birth of an alpaca who became one of his childhood friends.
Alexx couldn't tell you what his favorite animal is, but he sure could tell you his top 20! His favorite activities include cooking, reading at the marina, walking in nature, drawing and painting, and watching far too much netflix with his bearded dragon, Xerxes. He's thoroughly excited to work with the animals at CVAR, and hopes to have as big of a positive impact as he can.

Advisory Panel

Dr. Joel Cuthbert, John Mackey, Dr. Robert Nathan