June 2020

Center Valley Animal Rescue recently partnered with Posado’s Safe Haven, Law Enforcement, and Whatcom Co. Human Society in a seizure involving 49 dogs and three cats from a private residence. Law enforcement was alerted to the situation by a neighbor and found the animals in “squalid and filthy” conditions.

“On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, Deputies arrived back at the residence accompanied by a local Veterinarian and workers from Pasado’s Safe Haven Animal Rescue. During the service of the warrant it was determined that the dogs and cats at the scene were unhealthy, and the living conditions were far from adequate. Several dead dogs were also found on the property. [The property owner] was arrested at the scene and was booked into jail on charges of Animal Cruelty 1st, Animal Cruelty 2nd, and Transporting or Confining in an Unsafe Manner.”

CVAR has taken in fourteen of these dogs and is providing medical care, food and shelter. Please consider making a donation toward the care and sheltering of these dogs. Your donations are vital to providing food, shelter and medical care to these and other animals that come to us from neglected and abusive situations!

We are not able to share further details or photos at this time, as it is an active criminal investigation. Until we can share more, know that these animals are getting much-needed love and affection from our volunteers and staff.