Center Valley Animal Rescue is expanding its programs this year to accommodate and rehabilitate more needy animals

Sara and Dr. Joel

Animal Care
Center Valley Animal Rescue is currently hiring for Animal Care positions. Animal Care is responsible for cleaning, feeding, medicating, and monitoring the animals. Primary areas of work include indoor animals (cats, small animals, birds, exotic animals, etc.), outdoor animals (farm animals including horses, pigs, sheep, llamas, waterfowl, poultry, etc.), dogs, wildlife, and quarantine animals. Additional responsibilities may include cleaning and stocking feed rooms and storage areas as well as inventory management.
Must be capable of lifting fifty pounds.
Some benefits available. 

Office Assistant / Tour Guide
Center Valley Animal Rescue (CVAR) is currently hiring an Office Assistant / Tour Guide.
Primary office duties include: answering phones and emails, processing adoptions, processing donations, preparing animal intakes, and setting up spay/neuter clinics.
Primary tour duties include: sharing information and stories with the public, answering questions about CVAR and the animals, and promoting CVAR to the public during tours. Must have good communications, time management, and computer skills. Must be able to engage with people positively in person, on the phone, and via email.
Must be available to work Saturday and Sunday. 

Volunteer Coordinator
Center Valley Animal Rescue is currently hiring for the Volunteer Coordinator Position. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for managing the current volunteers, recruiting new volunteers, training volunteers, volunteer engagement, and ensuring we have enough volunteers each day and for events and special projects. The Volunteer Coordinator aligns volunteer interests and skill-sets with Center Valley Animal Rescue needs. They are also responsible for making sure the volunteers have what they need to keep the experience engaging and rewarding.
Additional responsibilities may include planning volunteer appreciation events, volunteer surveys, and sending out a weekly volunteer newsletter.
Part-time. Some portions of the job may be completed remotely (email management).
May be combined with the Fundraising Coordinator position for full-time.

If you fit one of these brief descriptions, please send us an email with a cover letter and your resume to:

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