Feral Cat Colonies

July 2020

This month Center Valley Animal Rescue has been working with residents to rescue dozens of cats from two different feral cat colonies. Trapping each wary untamed cat one by one, requires a great deal of patience and perseverance. We are grateful for all the effort folks put into bringing these cats into CVAR.

It is currently breeding season, which means everybody’s favorite – KITTENS! So far, we have successfully rescued five adult cats and ten kittens – one of the adult cats just had kittens which brings the total kittens to fourteen. Everyone has received wellness checks and the required medical care, as well as spays and neuters for all cats of age. Special thanks to Dr. Joel Cuthbert for doing an impromptu spay/neuter clinic with us. A shout-out to our adoption specialists Ava & Rosemary, for fielding a flood of phone calls and adoption applications for four newly adoptable kittens.

The rest of these cats have gone to Clallam Bay Correctional Center where we partner with WAG – The Welfare for Animal Guild. Feral cats need a great deal of socialization and attention before they can be adopted to their forever homes, and inmates at the Correctional Center need meaningful focus. So in this mutually beneficial program, cats spend 24 hours a day with an assigned inmate to be patiently and lovingly socialized, taught to wear a harness and walk on leash. Some have been clicker-trained and learned to sit, come and stay. One cat was taught to roar like a lion on cue and give you a high five! The cats are transformed by their experience and come back to CVAR ready for adoption.

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