Internship Program

Internships in Animal Rescue, Shelter Operations and Wildlife Rehab

Center Valley Animal Rescue (CVAR) in Quilcene, Washington has one, possibly two unpaid internships available. These are offered quarterly but may be tailored for your school’s time frame.

About Us

CVAR is a non-profit no-kill animal rescue and shelter with a limited budget and a volunteer force of, on average, 45 – 50 dedicated people. We are funded almost entirely on private donations.

CVAR was established in 2002 and on it’s present site since 2004. We have 32 acres in a rural area, a building for a variety of small animals and outdoor pastures, barns and shelters for large animals. A separate area is used for wildlife rehab.

We are on the picturesque Olympic Peninsula with a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. Seattle is a short drive and ferry ride away.

About the Position

  • Internships are offered quarterly and will be for a minimum of 20 hours/week. This will include some weekend work and some potential holiday work. This is an opportunity to get hands on experience with different aspects of farm animal and companion animal rescue and care and may include some daily care of wildlife. It also will help build the knowledge base of running a no-kill shelter and hone adoption screening skills.
  • Interns will assist with the daily tasks of animal care at CVAR. This may include feeding, giving meds to a variety of animals and giving fluids (mostly to cats). After a period of training, the intern may take on the morning and evening feeding and meds (meds are most often the cats only). This will begin under the supervision of the Director who is a licensed vet tech. On demonstration of competency the intern can continue the care without close supervision. Interns may be asked to fill in when volunteers are unable to come in. This may include cleaning iguana enclosures, cleaning the turtle tank, and other as needed.
  • Interns may help during Open to the Public days by giving tours and helping people who are interested in adopting a pet that is a good match.
  • Interns will help with intake of animals as needed.


Daily activities could include:

  • Cats: giving insulin shots and oral medications; giving fluids; helping volunteers as needed to clean cat rooms and feed cats.
  • Small animals: Feed small animals and birds; Fill in for volunteers as needed to clean small animal enclosures and bird flight cage. Iguanas: feed iguanas. Fill in for volunteer as needed to clean iguana enclosures.
  • Dogs: walking and basic training (to help make them more adoptable); cleaning room as needed.
  • Outdoor animals: let out poultry and check food & water; check on sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas,donkey horses…
  • Assist as needed to clean bunny area, barn stalls, etc
  • Learn protocol for quarantine for both inside and outside animals and demonstrate adherence.
  • As needed – assist Director with any wildlife daily care. Could include cleaning pens and feeding while minimizing animal-human interface.
  • Assist farm animal vet and accompany her on rounds to other clients.
  • Observe at local veterinary clinic/hospital. May include sitting in to observe surgeries.
  • Objectives can be developed to help student achieve learning goals.
  • Special projects can be established to benefit both student and CVAR. Projects can be worked on during ‘down times.’


  • Age: Must be 18 or over
  • Must have a strong interest in animal welfare, be a self-starter and exhibit a willingness to learn.
  • Experience with companion animal and/or farm animal care preferred.
  • Preference given to students considering a career in animal rescue or veterinary
  • We will look for the same qualities that we find in our volunteers: enthusiastic, mature,
    hard working people who work with the overall team in an open and supportive manner.

The Basics of Life

  • Housing: No on-site housing available but assistance provided in securing housing. Some Board members may also have rooms available.
  • Public transportation is minimal – Jefferson Transit has one bus that runs past here and up to connecting buses and to Port Townsend 4 times daily, twice on Saturdays and does not run on Sundays. It is suggested that interns have their own vehicle for transportation.
  • This is a volunteer position.

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