WAG CBCC Prison Partnership

We are very excited about our partnership with WAG (Welfare for Animal Guild) and CBCC (Clallam Bay Correctional Center) with our cat prison program. CVAR supplies WAG/CBCC with the cats as well as supplies and any medical attention that may be needed. When the cats graduate from CBCC they are returned to CVAR and put up for adoption. The cats that are placed in the program at CBCC are many times  in need of socialization, especially with people, and some are less adoptable cats that have been at CVAR for a long time and really need a break. Many are fearful and need to learn to trust again some even being feral. The cats are taught to wear a harness, walk on leash, etc. Some have been clicker trained and learned to sit, come, stay, etc. One cat was taught to roar like a lion on cue and give you a high five or shake hands. WAG’s volunteers who have been running a dog program for some time now; meet with the cats and trainers in class and the handlers are taught basic cat care, training and basic first aid. We currently have 9 handlers/inmates in the program.  This program is another win-win for not only the cats enrolled in the program but the handlers and other offenders in the unit.  This program allows us to take in semi-feral cats and feral kittens as well as establishing expanded space for felines.  A recent visit to CBCC, speaking with the inmates in the cat program really brought home the value of this program not just for us but for the inmates.  This program give them purpose and teaches empathy to even the toughest and most callus prisoners. Go to WAG’s website to read more about the dog program that started the partnership as well as the many wonderful things WAG is doing. Below are letters received by CVAR from inmates who participated in the program.

CBCC Prison Program Letters to CVAR

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